Two Year Vacation is the band that originates from its own contrast. The quintet founded in Gothenburg, Sweden's second city, a seaport known for its rain, headwind and grayness, makes rhythmic radio-friendly indie pop as we know and love from our youth. As if latter-day Arctic Monkeys had embodied Two Door Cinema Club‘s juvenile verve while drinking in the ABBA museum, Two Year Vacation is here to drive out all stale sense of the mundane.

In Gothenburg, historically being a scene for heavy metal, Two Year Vacation thrives from finding the bright colors in between the tones of grey. With inspiration from the trivial daily routines, we’re all are familiar with, they make music that travels in a fascinating blend of Italo disco, rock and Caribbean kraut through easygoing joyful rhythms wrapped in Tropical vibes.

After releasing two self-sustained EPs Two Year Vacation joined forces with the Hamburg based label Clouds Hill and Warner Music Germany. The result was the debut album ”Slacker Island” (Clouds Hill) released in 2019 and preceded by, amongst others, the radio hit single ”Better Off Alone” (Warner Music Germany), the dance floor filler ”Don’t Wanna Go Home” (Warner Music Germany) and the critics favorite ”I Forgot Your Name (But I Like You)” (Clouds Hill).

The album showcases the bands' immaculate skill for crafting pop music from mundane situations in life and a mosaic of musical influences. Influences ranging from ABBA to Fatboy Slim through Early Daft Punk, MGMT, Arcade Fire and Peter Björn & John.

While 2019 was a hectic year with both the release of their debut album as well as touring across Europe and first performances in both the US and the UK, Two Year Vacation never rests.

Even though the name implies the opposite, Two Year Vacation is now announcing their upcoming EP "Bedroom Rock" due June the 12th. The first single released March 20th ”Don’t Know Anybody Else” was well recieved by both online editors, Playlist curators and Radio DJs. On 8th of May the EPs second offering was presented in the form of the single "Never been to Paris. The song, another unadulterated indie-pop track was created by founding the beauty in the mundane, and by escapism through art.

About "Never Been To Paris" the bands singer Anton says: ”We found ourselves in the last stages of recordings when we decided to bring something less 'emotional' to the repertoire. I wrote the idea of the song in my bedroom with 'Oxford Comma' by Vampire Weekend in the background. Three dead simple chords and a dorky meaning did the trick. I took the idea to the group and in 10 minutes it was finished and ready to go.

Listen to both "Don't Know Anybody Else" and "Never been to Paris" as well as the complete EP "Bedroom Rock" here below.

"Bedroom Rock" arrives June 12th. All released by Clouds Hill


  • Apr 18th    Dresden, Germany, Polimagie Festival (Canceled)
  • May 19th    Nürnberg, Germany, Club Stereo (Canceled)
  • May 20th    Leipzig, Germany, Moritzbastei (Canceled)
  • May 21st    Munich, Germany, Strom (Postponed)
  • May 22nd    Stuttgart, Germany, Wizemann Studio (Postponed)
  • May 23rd    Frankfurt, Germany, Brotfabrik (Canceled)
  • Jun 13th    Augsburg, Germany, Modular Festival (Canceled)
  • Jul 25th    Stockholm, Popaganda at Parkteatern
  • Jul 31st    Uddevalla, Sweden, Elinorspelen
  • More dates TBA

Live Dates 2021

  • Apr 24th    Bad Neustadt, Germany, JUZE
  • Apr 25th    Ulm, Germany, Gold
  • Apr 26th    Biberach, Germany, Abdera
  • Apr 28th    Munich, Germany, Strom
  • Apr 29th    Zurich, Switzerland, Papiersaal
  • Apr 30th    Stuttgart, Germany, Im Wizemann Studio
  • May 1st    Bielefeld, Germany, Movie
  • More dates TBA





Everybody needs vacation!

What would you do on a two year vacation? Let my tell you what: Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Because already the great Winnie the Pooh knew doing nothing often leads to the very best of something. Or, in this case, the indie pop sensation of the summer, nay, the year. And frankly, endless summer is already here! The holiday you never dared to dream of, the sabbatical you never had the courage to ask your grumpy boss for, the vacation you will never, ever forget. Pro slackers Two Year Vacation have arrived to bring you your very own getaway, the infectious pop version of a memo to your boss telling him to leave you alone for good.

This weekend is forever

Theirs is a shared passion for sun-baked pop anthems, for endless days in the sun and for fancy sundowners by the pool – and their debut “Slacker Island” is a manifesto for chillaxing the f*** out of yourself. “It’s an album about escaping to this perfect, sunny, chilled island that has the form of a pizza”, keyboardist Max Hessman is inaugurating us novices to the art of escapism. Their music sounds like that, too. Juicy Pop, so bright it has to wear sunglasses. Usually, it comes from regions of beaches, babes and BBQs. Where it most certainly does not come from is, for instance, Sweden, whose long winters tend to inspire a more gloomy, doomy, harsh kind of music. Not that Two Year Vacation would care. Indeed coming from Sweden, and loving it, they still sound like a troupe of hippie renegades from California, like a band of surfers from Hawaii or like a stag night ensemble sunbathing on the beaches of Cancun.

ABBA, obviously

Bass player György Barocsai, who also produced the album, weighs in on their fun-loving sound. “Obviously, ABBA have had a tremendously big influence on all of us! And a of lot the old Italian disco stuff.” No wonder they have their very own island, aptly titled “Slacker Island”, to flee to. Also the name of their summerly debut, Two Year Vacation are here to turn us all into islanders. Not the desperate, funny type of islander you might remember from “Lost” or “Castaway” but rather the sort of relaxed Gilligan type of islander.”

Get the f*** out of here

Of course, once you think about it, the question shouldn’t by WHY this kind of music is coming from a country like Sweden. Instead, the question must be why it is NOT coming from Sweden more often? Why also sing about that darned long, cold and dark winter when you already have it on your doormat? Escapism as a key virtue, that’s what Two Year Vacation are on about. “The concept of the album is easy”, Barocsai grins. “Forget about everything else for a while and just have a good time while you eat pizza. It‘s pretty much our life, actually: We don‘t really care about anything else but the music.” It’s paying off already as the band is gathering momentum before the release of “Slacker Island”. Now it’s all about the debut, the next big step. And with a band like Two Year Vacation, you can always be sure they’d do anything for their music. “We have done our fair share of weird stuff already”, Hessman laughs. “We quit jobs for this band, we ended relationships, we moved.” Now they sing themselves away to a warm and happy place, a place where there are endless sunsets and endless parties with just the right people. Great we’re allowed to come too, isn’t it?

Beaches, bikinis, beers

As if latter-day Arctic Monkeys had embodied Two Door Cinema Club‘s juvenile verve while drinking in the ABBA museum, Two Year Vacation are here to drive out all stale sense of the mundane. They replace it with a carelessness that is just about right to forget the turmoil of the world. For two years now, the band have been working on these tunes, tucked away in their very own bubble within music city Gothenburg. This, by the way, is all thanks to producer György Barocsai who coincidentally worked with all of them before. “At some point he suggested we should hang and play together”, Hessman recalls this fateful meeting. Barocsai chuckles. “Pretty much like a boyband!”

They put the fun in fundamentally cool

Coming from various backgrounds ranging from Punk to Rock or Heavy Metal, the five members decided to take an altogether different approach. In Two Year Vacation, they all found what they didn’t even know they were looking for. “We all played with other people before but never with people which it worked out so well”, claims singer Anton Tuvesson. “We write good songs, we like hanging out and have that special chemistry on stage. There was that point where all of us just realized: Shit, this works just perfect! It’s just like finding the perfect girlfriend or boyfriend. And everybody know how rare that is!” Be it the carefree, funky anthem “Better off alone”, the fast-paced, irresistible swagger of “The way I was before”, the unforgettable “Renegades of the groove”, the easy-going slacker manifesto “360 degrees of sunrise” or “Don’t wanna go home”, written on a diet of sunlight and Gin and Tonic: Two Year Vacation have a mission. A mission to make you smile, to make you happy and maybe to make you drunk. Next time it’s raining cats and dogs, then, next time you miss the bus or don‘t get what you wanted, just take a deep breath and listen to Two Years Vacation. The next summer is just a song away – and Slacker Island is open all year round!

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  • Mar 19th    Hamburg, Germany, Sofa Concerts in co with Viva con Agua
  • Mar 20th    Hamburg, Germany, Live at Clouds Hill Serie
  • Mar 24th    Los Angeles, US, Musexpo Festival
  • Apr 17th    Göteborg, Sweden, Pustervik
  • Apr 22nd    Hamburg, Germany, Kukuun
  • Apr 23rd    Dresden, Germany, Ostpol
  • Apr 24th    Munich, Germany, Ampere
  • Apr 25th    Berlin, Germany, Auster Club
  • Apr 26th    Bad Neustadt, Germany, JUZE
  • Apr 27th    Leipzig, Germany, Noch Besser Leben
  • Apr 28th    Dusseldorf, Germany, The Tube
  • Apr 29th    Rostock, Germany, Campus Erwachen Festival
  • May 3rd    Aarhus, Denmark, SPOT Festival
  • May 9th    Hamburg, Germany, Ruby Hotel
  • May 10th    Dortmund, Germany, Etepetete Indie Music Festival
  • May 11th    Brighton, UK, The Great Escape Festival
  • May 30th    Göteborg, Sweden, Backyard Festival
  • Jun 28th    Halmstad, Sweden, Art of Living Festival
  • Aug 10th    Göteborg, Sweden, Yaki-Da
  • Aug 14th    Hamburg, Germany, Knust Acoustics Open Air
  • Aug 16th    Dornstadt, Germany, Obstwiesenfestival
  • Aug 17th    Aulendorf, Germany, Schlossfest
  • Sep 27th    Vienna, Austria, Waves Vienna
  • Oct 11th    Berlin, Festival of Lights
  • Dec 25th    Gothenburg, Contrast Public House


  • Dec 12th    Stockholm, Sweden, Sofar Sounds
  • Sep 23rd    Berlin, Germany, Unterholz am Oberbaum at Musik & Frieden
  • Sep 22nd    Hamburg, Germany Reeperbahn Festival at Bahnhof Pauli
  • Sep 15th    Schleswig-Königswiesen, Germany, Norden Festival
  • Sep 9th    Göteborg, Sweden, Waves Rolling Festival
  • Aug 25th    Halmstad, Sweden, Tillsammans Festival
  • May 12th    Wrexham, UK, FOCUS Wales Festival


  • Dec 9th    Hamburg, Germany, Clouds Hill Festival
  • Dec 2nd    Rodewisch, Germany, ArsVitae
  • Dec 1st    Fürth, Germany, Kopf und Kragen
  • Nov 30th    Ulm, Germany, Hudson Bar
  • Nov 29th    Stuttgart, Germany, Galeo
  • Nov 26th    Mainz, Germany, Annebatterie
  • Nov 25th    Kaiserslautern, Germany, Salon Schmitt
  • Nov 24th    Bad Neustadt, Germany, JUZE
  • Nov 23rd    Berlin, Germany, Duncker Club
  • Aug 5th    Halmstad, Sweden, Rosenbergsfestivalen
  • July 29th    Trollhättan, Sweden, Dinkytown
  • July 28th    Uddevalla, Sweden, Dinkytown
  • May 11th    Rodewisch, Germany, ArsVitae
  • May 9th    Kaiserslautern, Germany, Salon Schmitt
  • May 8th    Ljubljana, Slovenia, Prulcek
  • May 7th    Bad Kötzting, Germany, Bahnhof Kötzting
  • May 6th    Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany, Café Limba
  • May 5th    Locarno, Switzerland, Mono Bar
  • May 4th    Olten, Switzerland, Coq d'Or
  • May 3rd    Chemnitz, Germany, Aaltra
  • Mar 8th    Linköping, Sweden, Flamman
  • Feb 17th    Kalmar, Sweden, Söderport



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